Keynote Speakers.

Keynote Speakers

Wise World Consulting represents a community of world-class speakers with exceptional experiences, expertise, and insights worth sharing. They educate and inspire, entertain and lift-up audiences all over the world.

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Rangina Hamidi, MA

Ms Hamidi was Afghanistan’s most recent Education Minister. An Afghan-American, she also established Afghanistan’s most successful international school.

American educated, today she is a lecturer at the prestigous Thunderbird Business School of Global Management, a celebrated public speaker and international advocate of women’s empowerment. She also continues to act as CEO of Khandahar Treasure,a women-run embroidery business through which hundreds of disadvantaged Afgan women are able to support themselves and their families.

She speaks on:

  • Girl education
  • Women’s education
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Development across-cultures
  • Social entrepreneurship for Impact
  • Inter-gender engagement

Rangina Hamidi  was the first cabinet-level female minister of education to hold that position in thirty years. Ms. Hamidi works tirelessly to advocate for women’s rights by empowering girls and women through social entrepreneurship and other initiatives to build their lives.

Born in Afghanistan, Ms. Hamidi emigrated with her family to Pakistan in 1981 and then to the United States. In 1988, her family settled in Virginia near Washington D.C., where she and her sister were raised. She earned a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Religious Studies and Gender Studies at the University of Virginia. She later completed a Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. 

Returning to Afghanistan in 2003, Ms. Hamidi devoted herself to improving the lives of Afghans through development projects, advocacy, and, most importantly, education. Ms. Hamidi’s accomplishments include the founding of Kandahar Treasure, a full-value chain social enterprise that has lifted countless women through the production of their distinguished, traditional hand-crafted textiles. The collective’s products have been sold in Afghanistan, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.  

Ms. Hamidi is well-versed in pedagogy, child development, and psychology and led the Mezan International School, a private institution, as its first principal. The school’s progressive international English curriculum garnered praise for its solid foundation of Islamic education, values, and history studies. These accomplishments led the president of Afghanistan to ask her to bring her innovative approach to education as acting education minister. Ms. Hamidi is a professor of practice with Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona.  

She has contributed to numerous publications and radio programs, including TIMES Asia Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Der Spiegel, Business Week, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, NPR, BBC, and Voice of America. Ms. Hamidi has co-authored “Embroidering within Boundaries: Afghan Women Creating a Future,” which takes the reader on a pictorial journey into her own life and tells the stories of the courageous Afghan women she serves.

Lori Figueiredo

Lori Figueiredo

Lori is a global change strategist, having worked with and learned from high performing organizations . . .

  • over 30+ years; across 20+ industries; 
  • with 50+ organizations; in 100+ countries;
  • reaching and impacting over 1,000,000+ people.


Lori Figueiredo is passionate about enabling change in organizations, leaders and teams on a mass scale.  Aligning people to a shared purpose and equipping them to learn, adapt and improve as a daily habit.

She speaks on:

  • Organizational change
  • Nationwide and global change initiatives
  • Agile teams and leaders
  • Workplace interactions between people and technologies
  • Learning cultures

She has over 30 years’ experience in using her proven SYZYGYR methodology which leverages the best in human psychology with the latest in digital technology.  Her focus has been in nudging the critical few behaviours that achieve the pre-defined and measurable organizational results.

Talk titles include:

  • Why behaviour change is more important than competencies
  • Framework to design your organizational learning strategy
  • Nudging critical behaviours for positive results
  • Building agile teams
  • Leveraging technology and teams for organizational change
  • Building service, sales and learning culture 
  • Aligning stakeholders to create their shared purpose
Sarah Mavrinac, PhD.

Sarah Mavrinac, PhD.

Dr. Mavrinac is a Harvard-trained academic, an award-winning social entrepreneur, and an impassioned advocate of wellness life skills. Aidha, her first social enterprise, established her as a Singapore International Woman of the Year and, in 2009, as a Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Today, Dr. Mavrinac brings these capabilities to her newest impact initiative, Azoki, a regenerative health start-up working to empower individuals with health literacy and wellness life skills.

She speaks on:

  • Achieving Wellness Today: Wearables, Trends & Personal Responsibility
  • Canaries in a coal mine: Today’s Children in an Unhealthy World
  • The Miracles Of Healing Through Food
  • Personal Healing In A Toxic World
  • Healthy At Home: Family Nutrition in the Emirates
  • A Crisis Of Confidence? Women & Money
  • Women Saving The World: The Power of Female Contribution
  • Health Coaching: The Future of Health Empowerment

Dr. Mavrinac is a Harvard-trained academic, an award-winning social entrepreneur, and an impassioned advocate of wellness life skills. Dr. Mavrinac launched her professional career as a professor of international accounting and finance, holding faculty positions in Canada and later at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading global business schools. In 2006, Sarah left INSEAD to launch aidha, her first social enterprise, providing financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills to impoverished migrant women in Singapore. aidha is now one of Singapore’s most prominent NGOs, enriching the lives of thousands of migrant women and their families each year. Sarah was recognized for her leadership of aidha and her innovative curriculum design first as Singapore’s International Woman of the Year and, in 2009, as a Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum (WEF). 

In 2012, following her family’s move to Abu Dhabi, Sarah’s interests turned from business education and money skills to child development and health skills. To support her son in his recovery from autism, Sarah retrained both as a health and wellness coach and in the culinary and nutrition sciences. She also invested heavily in building the Charisma Kidz, Ask Alec, and Al Kheir initiatives, all offering wellness and social learning activities to children and teens. Most recently, Dr. Mavrinac has committed to developing Azoki, a regenerative health initiative, working to empower individuals with health literacy and the wellness life skills that nurture vitality. 

Dr. Mavrinac earned her undergraduate degree in Human Biology from Brown University, a Master of Science in International Accounting & Finance from the London School of Economics, and her doctorate from the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. 

Taryn Ash, MBA

Taryn Ash, MBA

Taryn Ash has over 30 years of experience in the adult learning and organizational behaviour spaces. She is a specialist in organizational change, as well as leadership and health coaching. Her career has spanned the globe, from Japan to Singapore, China to the US, the Middle East, and Europe, working with many of the world’s more recognizable brands, NGOs and government bodies to change how leaders and teams behave, think and work on a daily basis.

She holds an MBA from the University of Nottingham, UK, qualified as a leadership coach at Rice University, USA, and is a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.  She has formally studied business in Canada, Japan, Singapore and China.

She speaks on:

  • Leadership
  • Women in business
  • Gen-X workers
  • Self-management
  • Managing stress
  • Healthy living

Talk titles include:

When Training Fails, Switch Tactics

How People Really Learn

Maximizing the Return on Your Investment in People

Managing the New Generation . . . Differently

Evaluating the ROI on your L&D Investment

Women’s Unique Contribution to Organizations

Work Hard, Live Strong: Growing healthier and happier as you ascend your career

The Healthy Organization: Creating a wellness-focused organizational culture

My Better Half: Making the second half of life rich, stimulating, healthy and whole

Isabelle Perez-Gore, PhD.

Isabelle Perez-Gore, PhD.

Dr. Isabelle Perez-Gore boasts a distinguished career spanning over 30 years in international education, professional development, and capacity building worldwide. 

She speaks on:

  • Holistic Being 
  • Education Best practices
  • Learning-to-Learn
  • Enhancing the learning experience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Confident Communication
  • Diversity and inclusion 

Throughout Dr. Gore’s tenure, she has played a vital role in empowering educators in various capacities, including the Open University UK project EIA, a program reaching 51 thousand teachers and 7 million students in Bangladesh, the Ford Foundation India and Macmillan publishers, impacting 21,243 schools in India, and with government bodies such as the Ministry of Education Jordan and UNWRA.

Additionally, she has served as a lecturer in higher education for business and communication development in Hong Kong, Singapore, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, and France. She also served as a lecturer in Hospitality and Luxury Brands Masters Supervisor and Examiner in France.

Currently, she operates as a global consultant. GORE holds a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Surrey University in England and a Doctorate in Education from the University of London, England. Her research focuses on international development, widening participation, and overcoming and utilizing cultural barriers for better integration and growth. She has spoken on these subjects at conferences across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Carol Glynn, FCA

Carol Glynn, FCA

Carol Glynn is a Personal & Business Finance Expert with two decades of corporate experience in Big 4 firms, including PWC Ireland and Ernst & Young UAE, and is a Fellow of the Irish Institute of Chartered Accountants.

She speaks on:

  • Worry-free Money Management & Planning
  • Investing Best-Practices
  • Investing for Women
  • Planning for Retirement
  • And a wide range of other money management and investment topics

Carol Glynn is a Personal & Business Finance Coach and the owner of Conscious Finance Coaching.

Carol is passionate about empowering and educating her clients by helping them to take control of, understand and embrace their finances.

Through one-to-one coaching and group and corporate workshops, Carol takes the fear, worry, guilt and stress out of money, helping her clients to enjoy their money, learn to invest and plan for their financial freedom.

Carol is a Fellow of the Irish Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Before setting up her own business, Carol spent two decades of corporate experience in Big 4 firms, including PwC Ireland, where she audited investment management banks & Ernst & Young, where her clients included many of the largest Abu Dhabi government entities.

Carol then worked for large multinationals in Dubai, including AIG Insurance & Control Risks, where she held various partnerships, regional head of finance & CFO positions, managing teams of up to 140 people across 42 countries across Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

Carol is also a qualified Life Coach, bringing a practical approach to life and money while genuinely understanding money’s emotional aspects and psychology.

Dina Scippa, MSc

Dina Scippa, MSc

Dina Scippa is a gender equality specialist turned certified life coach and Founder of Enough Labs. She supports women and girls in coaching on the intersections of leadership and confidence. She is a seasoned trainer and facilitator and is invited to speak regularly on radical self-acceptance, women’s empowerment and being enough.

She speaks on:

  • Women’s leadership
  • Confidence and navigating imposter syndrome
  • Leading a team with empathy
  • Knowing your worth and negotiating it
  • Using your voice powerfully to leverage influence
  • Boundary setting

Dina Scippa is a gender equality specialist turned certified life coach and Founder of Enough Labs. She supports women and girls in coaching on the intersections of leadership and confidence. She is a seasoned trainer and facilitator and is invited to speak regularly on radical self-acceptance, women’s empowerment and being enough. She hosts the internationally charted podcast Embracing Enough, which showcases the stories of women and girls and their journey to feeling confident. The podcast explores the stories that influence our collective experience and unpacks what it takes to embrace the belief that we are enough, just as we are.

Dina is a recognized expert and leader in gender equality and women’s empowerment; and regularly mentors and coaches women and girls to step into their power without compromising who they are or what they want to create in the world. With nearly two decades of experience working in some of the most exciting and demanding environments worldwide (Afghanistan, South Sudan, Fiji, Peru and 25+ more), Dina can bring practical, real-world experience to her coaching and speaking. She aims to help women and girls get in touch with what sets their souls on fire. Her mission: to give women and girls the space to explore the truth of who they are and embrace their inherent enoughness to counter all the reasons the world tells them they are not.

 Dina left her dream of working as a Gender and Social Inclusion Adviser in the corporate world of international development consulting to pursue her passion for helping women and girls find themselves through an authentic recognition and celebration of their abilities. Now, as a certified life coach, a gender equality advocate, a feminist and an unwavering optimist, Dina feels that true confidence is grounded in radical acceptance of the belief that you are enough. She believes that once women accept the steadfast connection to the fact that they can do what they want to do, feel how they want to feel and be whom they want to be in this world – it is then when she’s unstoppable.

Morgan Siegel, MA

Morgan Siegel is a cross-cultural dealmaker.  A graduate from Berkeley University and Harvard Divinity University, she has built and implemented business solutions for multinationals and private organizations around the world.

Morgan Siegel is a highly experienced professional with a career spanning over 15 years in the field of ideation and strategic consulting. Her focus on developing solutions that enrich ecosystems has led her to work with a diverse range of clients, including governmental entities, multi-national public and private organizations, as well as IUPUI, KAUST, and Ibn Haldun University. She holds a Master of Divinity degree from the esteemed Harvard Divinity School, as well as an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. With her extensive international experience working in the United States, Spain, Italy, and Saudi Arabia, she has gained valuable insights into a broad range of cultures and perspectives. Her proven expertise in ideation and strategic consulting has established Morgan Siegel as a highly respected leader in her field, and her talents have been sought after by clients seeking innovative solutions to complex challenges. Her unwavering commitment to designing solutions that enhance ecosystems has earned her a reputation as a forward-thinking and results-driven professional. Moreover, Ms. Siegel is deeply committed to cross-cultural bridge-building and fostering understanding across different communities to enhance society. Her passion for creating meaningful connections across diverse backgrounds is reflected in her work, and she has established strong relationships with clients from various cultural backgrounds. She believes that promoting inclusivity and nurturing mutual understanding is essential in creating a better and more harmonious society

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