Workshops & Coaching.


All of our workshops have optional follow-up coaching sessions for individuals or small groups, to monitor, support and encourage so the learning is applied back on the job.


These group learning events take place in-person or remotely.  You can choose a customizable, ready-made program, or a bespoke solution designed specifically to your people’s unique needs.

Human behaviours still matter in a digital world.

Our Workshops.

Diversity & Inclusion

Women @ Work

for women at every stage of their careers

Preparing women with the confidence, mindsets, and interpersonal skills to navigate and succeed in a traditionally male-oriented work environment.

This workshop taps into the unique contributions that women bring to the business world and prepares participants to deal with workplace challenges confidently and effectively.

Topics include:

  • The unique contribution women make in business.
  • Building and exuding confidence
  • Problem-solving and decision making in a male-dominated environment.
  • Achieving “Win-Win” by using your Voice
  • The power of collaboration

Two-day workshop, plus optional bonus ½ day follow-up coaching session.

*All workshops can be tailored to match your exact needs.

Men @ Work

for men adapting to more diverse and inclusive work environments

Preparing male colleagues and leaders with the mindsets and interpersonal skills to work alongside women to help maximize the contribution both genders make to the organization.

This workshop addresses the opportunities and challenges that men face as they navigate increasingly inclusive workplaces.

Topics include:

  • Recognizing the unique contributions of diversity
  • Seeing how inclusiveness will benefit you.
  • Adapting your behaviors to different people
  • Unleashing the power of empathy
  • Inclusive communication habits
  • Creating a POWER culture of inclusion

Two-day workshop, plus optional bonus ½ day follow-up coaching session.

*All workshops can be tailored to match your exact needs.


Future-Focused Leadership

for established leaders

Designed the established leaders looking for ways to improve results by inspiring, organizing and motivating their unique teams.

This workshop prepares leaders with the mindsets and skillsets to help their teams respond quickly and effectively to continuously changing business situations.

Topics include:

  • What makes good leadership in today’s world?
  • Challenges leaders face.
  • Opportunities for the modern leader.
  • How to inspire and influence others.
  • The Don’t Do’s of effective leadership.

Two-day workshop, plus optional bonus ½ day follow-up coaching session.

*All workshops can be tailored to match your exact needs.

Emerging Leadership

for new & future managers

Preparing new leaders to have and exhibit the confidence and credibility needed to lead and inspire others.

This workshop addresses the unique challenges (and opportunities) that new leaders face. Convincing others to lead requires trust and confidence that you have what it takes to get results.

Topics include:

  • What people want and need from their leaders.
  • The challenges new leaders face.
  • Key behaviours and attitudes of successful managers.
  • Inspiring confidence in others.
  • Achieving targets through people.

Two-day workshop, plus bonus ½ day follow-up.

*All workshops can be tailored to match your exact needs.

Building Intelligent Teams

for leaders of change

Preparing leaders to create a learning culture, where preparing for change –  future challenges and opportunities –  become a daily habit throughout the team.

  • Defining an intelligent team
  • The power of culture change
  • Opportunities and challenges to build continuous learning into the culture
  • Adopting to future-forward behaviours, mindsets and habits throught the team

Two-day workshop, plus bonus ½ day follow-up.

*All workshops can be tailored to match your exact needs.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

for the first-time business owner

Preparing aspiring start-up, SME and business leaders with essential skills and mindsets for growth and success.

  • Essential market analysis
  • Identifying your target market
  • Aligning your product with market needs
  • Partnerships, collaboration and hiring
  • Setting your price
  • Building your brand
  • Promoting your product

Two-day workshop, plus ½ day bonus follow-up.

*All workshops can be tailored to match your exact needs. Examples include:

  • small business.
  • scalable startups.
  • large company or intrapreneurship.
  • social entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is frequently credited as a major driver of economic growth, spurring transformation, the creation of new markets, innovation, and building wealth. Entrepreneurs are often key to developing ideas and solutions to problems while creating new products.


Workplace Success

for all new employees

Preparing people new to the workforce with mindsets and behaviours that will increase their value to employers.

  • Knowing what employers need.
  • Reflecting your value to employers.
  • Changing trends in employability and how to prepare.
  • Your value to the greater organization.
  • Essential behaviours all successful employees need.

Two-day workshop, plus bonus ½ day follow-up.

*All workshops can be tailored to match your exact needs.

Group Coaching

Facilitated by a professional coach, groups examine challenges they face at work and how to overcome them.

These events are run by qualified global coaches in a formalized and yet fluid format so that real-world problems can be addressed.  All group coaching programs are anchored to core coaching principles. These highly interactive exchanges can run as one-off events or ongoing series.

Individual coaching workshops saudi arabia

Individual Coaching

Help your team members develop their professional skills and mindsets through this entirely personalized coaching exchange. 

Our world-standard coaches guide your leader through a journey to discover strengths and opportunities, tackle hurdles, thoughts, and emotions, and move toward a place of professional and personal growth and success. Our team of leadership and communication coaches are second-to-none. Internationally experienced, and all highly qualified, they will work one-on-one with your people to make them even better at what they do.

*All of our group coaching workshops come with an optional ½ day coaching follow-up, either one-on-one or in small groups, to monitor and support learners’ progress in applying what they have learnt back on the job.

group coaching workshops saudi arabia


Soft Skills Case Studies

National Government Body

future skilling

This nation-wide program was developed and run as part of a massive, award-winning workforce nationalization initiative to prepare half the country’s workforce for the future economy. 

Participants became more proficient and confident in the full spectrum of soft skills needed in the emerging work environment.

Global Logistics Leader

customer experience

Introduced transformative soft skills to address real work issues – creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, communication skills, self-management – that created lasting positive change amongst the frontline and its immediate leadership. 

Created a more responsive, adaptable customer facing team leading to improved efficiencies throughout the frontline. 

Work-based learning projects resulted in ongoing learning and direct bottom-line impact. 

Global Tech Giant

team building

Ran a series of integrated workshops designed to increase communication and collaboration between the frontline manufacturing team, maintenance division and engineers.

The three divisions developed a significant understanding of each other’s perspectives and created new systems to share knowledge and concerns more freely and regularly.

National Airline

customer experience

Ran a multi-year program to improve the customer experience and communication skills of flight crew.

The program supported the internationally recognized airline in providing world-class, award-winning service.